The CXPro Series has 4 models with up to 12 channels which are miniX, CX4Pro, CX8Pro and CX12Pro.

Each model has input and output series. CabroX setups cables of the stages easier and collects them fastly.


Each CXPro series product has back slot for connection of mixer or ext. CabroX Back Cards offer different options with Di-Co, AnCAT, DB and MP series for this back slots.

Di-Co series cards come with a special PCB board that can be soldered to multicore cables. This system is preferred when cabroX is used fixed.

XLR series cards are used only with miniX models. These cards offer a standard XLR connection.

DB series cards provide connectivity with D-Sub connectors, especially used in studios.

AnCAT series cards provide you to transmit 4 channels of analog signals with cat6 or cat7 cables. This an analog system and not digital!

MP8 series cards provide connection with 25-pin Multipin connectors, which are often used in the industry.

MP12 series cards provide connection with 37-pin Multipin connectors, which are often used in the industry.


The snakes connect with the Back Cards* and used for transfer signals from cabroX devices to mixers or other devices. Snakes can be used directly or with Extensions*.


SNCAT series snakes are used with AnCAT series  back cards and EX-CAT series extensions. 


SNDB series snakes are used with DB series back cards and EX-DB series extensions. 

SNMP8 series snakes are used with MP8 series back cards and EX-MP8 series extensions.

SNMP12 series snakes are used with MP12 series back cards and EX-MP12 series extensions.


Extensions are the extension cables used between the cabroX devices and the mixer. One side of these cables is connected to the Back Cards* and the other side is connected to the snake or summing box. Extensions offer cable lengths from 5 meters to 30 meters.


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