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  • What is the length of the cable inside?
    Each rewinder has 7,5 meters signal cable inside.
  • Does the cable length change according to the models?
    All models have the same cable length. It is enough for stages as a stagebox. Cabrox has 4 models which are 2, 4, 8 and 12 channels.
  • What kind of connection is there on the back side of the box?
    There is a slot on the back side for back cards that produced by Cabrox. This Back Cards offers 4 options which are; - Direct Cable Connection(Di-Co Series), - Analog CAT system(AnCAT Series), - D-Sub system(DB Series), - Multipin system(MP Series). You can check all the details about that from Back Cards page.
  • How do we connect the Back Cards?
    Inside the slot on the back of the device are sockets with letters. These sockets are installed in the places indicated on the cards and the card is screwed into place.
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